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16 Famous Characters That Are Secretly Ripoffs

Oh I’ve been waiting to find an excuse to explain how Benson differs from Squidward.

*cracks knuckles*

While both are incredibly angry and cynical Benson is only angry and cynical to Mordecai and Rigby and the show sides with him most of the time. The majority of the very few times the show doesn’t side with him is when Benson does something unreasonable such as giving away the stick hockey table even though the protagonists did their work. Benson other than that gets along really well with other people and even is developing a romance with Audrey. Squidward hates everyone in the Spongebob universe and everyone in the Spongebob Universe hates Squidward….aside form Spongebob and Patrick but of course that is one sided. Benson is talented but at the same time modest. Even though he takes drumming seriously he rarely brags about it. When we see him drum he is incredible at it. Squidward things he’s the greatest clarinetist in the world and honestly sucks at it. The next difference is the two’s relationships between the protagonists. Squidward does not like Spongebob but warms up to him a few times such as when he stood up for Spongebob when he got yelled at by the customer who didn’t get his drink. Benson however legitimately likes Mordecai and Rigby. He wants to kill them sometimes but at the same time they have gotten him out of pinches more than getting him into trouble and it shows he is grateful to them. Finally happiness. While I think Squidward is definitely unhappy with his life I do truly believe Benson does like where his life is going. Its not easy but he has some good things going for him. He has a lot of insecurities but I don’t think that they are enough to bring him down. Soooo yea. I know I might be going crazy with this but the reason I wanted to explain the whole Benson VS Squidward thing is because Benson is one of my favorite characters because he challenges those grouch stereotypes. Instead of being this one note grouch who constantly gets shit on, he does have good things going in is life and there are a lot of moments where you see that he can be a very down to earth guy. Does he have a lousy temper? Absolutely. Does the protagonist drive him mad sometime. DUH. But yea just wanted to illustrate that this dude is more than just a grouch. 


Did a cosplay themed warmup this time… Conner & M’gann going as Razer & Aya. I’ve been seeing all these ‘I can’t go to comiccon!” thingies but I get sad I actually LIVE HERE IN SANDY EGGO and have never been able to beat the sellout D: I know the taste of true injustice… but any of my followers going you best HAVE FUN!

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