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Day 7: Favorite Game Couple

Its pretty obvious…..I mean if you follow me you know what I mostly post…..

Not only do I think that Garrus is uber romantic and adorkable with Shepard, I think that these two have one of the best chemistry I have seen in any fiction…considering that its a romance between a human and a bird….raptor….thing! LOL

They were both characters first then love interests. They both have back stories that don’t center around being the romantic leads. They were meant to be individuals so when the two get together it makes it all the more believable since well their personalities and drives match and not because they were written to be together but simply because thats who they are. Another reason is that they are both equal in the sense that they have a mutual respect and trust on one another and there is no “who wears the pants in the relationship” kind of deal. Both love each other, both look out for each other, and both don’t feel superior or inferior to each other. I mean look at them in this magnificent fanart from Natyou!


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